EQ design system
Project Overview
Equiniti is a leading specialist in technology, finance and administrative services in complex or regulated markets. I led the creation of Equinitis design system to promote consistency and cohesion across Equinitis digital products. The design system uses the 8 point grid system and atomic design principles.
  • Role: Lead UX/UI designer
  • Product: EQ Insight
  • Client: Equiniti
The design system informs designers and developers of the tools they have in their toolbox, and provides rules and best practices for how to use them properly. A design system serves as a future-friendly foundation for teams to modify, extend, and improve on over time, it helps promote consistency and cohesion across the entire experience.
This project was created as part of the design teams BAU. I eventually hired a UX/UI designer to manage and maintain the design system as other projects took priority. We successfully applied the UI patterns to a number of platforms and sites.